Case Studies

Case Study | SouthField

In 2013, SouthField and the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station was faced with stalled development and private investment had completed dried up.  Starwood Capital Group, the master developer of the property, identified the current legislative framework as the major source at issue leading to a lack of development on the property.  With development limits that were too stringent, an unqualified governing body overseeing development of Southfield, and a lack of infrastructure in place, Starwood faced the prospect of ending development if legislation wasn’t re-written in order to create a more friendly investment environment for private capital.

Pilgrim Strategies, working with the client, undertook a campaign to significantly re-write legislation that was amendable not just to the investment community and the client, but three local communities, community stakeholders, and ultimately the Massachusetts legislature and Governor.  Pilgrim Strategies helped craft legislation and negotiated with the towns of Weymouth, Abington, and Rockland to secure local approvals before bringing a bill to the Massachusetts legislature for late filing in mid June 2014.  As part of their lobbying effort, Pilgrim Strategies was able to shepherd legislation through the Massachusetts General Court in under a month before presenting a bill to the Governor for approval in August 2014.

Since the bill became law, Southfield has seen more land sold to private developers than in anytime throughout its history.  Most recently, LStar Land purchased the property with the intention of completing development of the site by working with the Commonwealth to complete the East-West Parkway and fulfilling other major infrastructure responsibilities on site.  In just under two years, the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station, Southfield, went from undevelopable, to open and ready for private investment.